BenTrem tweeted on 2009-05-05

  • My 1st/only SciFi short story was about catastrophe from world-wide bush/forest fires. I guessed elevated O2 levels. So it’s warming; su … #
  • As Camus said, “Don’t be lucid and ironic; others will say you’re not a nice person”. The smartest IT people I know are flip and glib. Sad. #
  • Wow … over 2hrs without thinking of cigarette. Now I can enjoy a smoke. ;-) #
  • #music – New for me: BeatPort > < (Noah Pred’s page.) #
  • ReTw @developerworks: JetS3t makes Amazon’s S3 RESTful API easier – this one is good > < (IBM DeveloperWorks) #
  • @mcwflint Hey You! Don’t you have a b’day coming up soon? see you on FaceBook. :-) #
  • A reasonable self-esteem is foundational to compassion. Maybe that’s how we’re screwed? Anyhow: Pema on “maitri” > < #
  • #YEG – Edmonton Food Bank is online, did you know? @yegfoodbank #

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