BenTrem tweeted on 2009-05-04

  • #NHL Where the hell is Carolina and what business do they have playing so well?! (Wow, has expansion ever paid off! Anaheim? Carolina? heh) #
  • ReTw @OriginalSignal: An Unofficial User’s Guide to Gmail – Features by PC Magazine > < (Google’s docs really … #
  • @pfanderson History => cognitive contextt; as a young student I loved writing histories of concepts e.g. “praxis”. #
  • @vielmetti – Ed! Nice to find you in TwitterVille! How’s tricks? Please do reFollow so we can DM now and again. #
  • #RandomThought – I know what I’m good at and what I can’t do. Yuppies don’t like me cuz they know (primordially) that I don’t trust them. #
  • Ok,I had forgotten TW so completely I even forgot having created this group. So: what’s TW’s existential impact on… #
  • #ClassicMovies – Alien … buddy just developed a reeeeeaaaal baaaad belly ache. heh #
  • #movie – “Pay it forward” … doing 3 favors … lovely little movie; what’s the name? Nevada, single mom, disfigured teacher, little bo … #
  • Contact! This sweet little movie is “Pay It Forward” (2000) > < #
  • ReTw @dahowlett: When Amazon fails… – and it’s still failing – bleh (We’re in a dark age. Read: doomed. So pay forward!) #
  • @lessig on bank control of the US Senate > < (HuffPost). So tell me, friends: who sets foreign policy? #
  • @lessig – From the other side of the barricade, a radical assessment of of Canada’s foreign relations > < *sigh* #
  • Ok, FriendFeed is bugging me almost as bad as LinkedIn. Fine, you subscribed to my feed. And I’m supposed to request private acces to yours? #

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