BenTrem tweeted on 2009-05-06

  • Note to self: when taking the spagetti sauce off the heat, don’t put it on the burner you left on after braising the meat. *sigh* #
  • #Vista calamity – “Cannot connect to Group Policy Server”. Locked out. Now running Win98SE on 2002 Toshiba. #
  • I need #Dell tech support because my laptop won’t login. Tech requires service tag. Which I can’t get. Insane. Corrupt. Stupid. Crooked. #
  • @DellHomeSalesCA I need Tech cuz my 1525 wont’ connect to Policy. Tech requires Service Tag … which I can’t get. Pretty dumb!! #
  • Because Vista login fails, it restarts. Because it restarts, I cannot de-bug it. Nor do backup. And nobody cares. M$ = corrupt. #

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