BenTrem tweeted on 2008-11-13

  • Absolutely insane. I mean literally; not just incompetent, I mean insane. Truly. Not sane. Disconnected from reality. But hey, they get $$$ #
  • Before collapse/layoff, yuppies are tooo busy (debt-ridden). Now yuppies are tooo busy scrambling (debt-ridden). #matrix #oligarchs #borg #
  • You think I’m kidding about insanity? Look at the source for … stark-raving madness. #
  • The Obama Zeitgeist: Six Lessons for the Cultural Sector > < via < #
  • If I was a psychopath with enormous wealth I would encourage the status quo: portal leading to portal, once shower of excess after another. #
  • “He makes me feel good” or “He makes me feel strong and right”, the raw stuff of fascism. #jingoism What’s required is dignity and integ … #
  • BreakingNews: high-level meeting of gov’t/industry on ecology and energy conclude that dialog is important. *Holy sheep-shit* #
  • Bummer … Obama’s web team has totally shut down interaction. (Assuming they were ever interactive; jingoism doesn’t respect party lines.) #
  • Rcvd msg notification from the Obama web site. No link back. No reply link. Very 1994. #
  • In case such things interest you: “A new global order: Bretton Woods II…and San Francisco II” > < #
  • @chrisbrogan A little harsh, Chris. Chickens contribute eggs and not thighs/breast because they can. It’s rational. ROI. Pigs? heh … #
  • Fakers: folk who glibly talk about agility while never thinking of anything but manipulation and exploitation and self-promotion. #
  • *Material self-interest is compulsive and delusive. Appreciating the moment, true self-interest arises without obstruction, without effort.* #
  • Business: huge incentive to generate product … no incentive to generate results or solutions. Foundationally corrupt. #oligarchs #borg #
  • How totally dumb … academics getting $100K+ to produce software and they use 07/09/08 as DateFormat. Brain-damaged, stupid, lazy, ignorant #
  • So much mealy-mouthed incompetence … really disheartening. *sigh* Anyhow, “10 Downing Ushers in Web Guru” >
  • @Pistachio Twingr looks sweet. But, I don’t understand, what’s it got to do with Ning? #
  • Gawwwwd, “never has there been a better time to be a community organizer” article sings the praises of … klunky $/use sytem. #
  • “The solution is easy; hard part is community”. Meanwhile we have 16-e8 communities and no real solutions. Yuppie bullshit => $$$ #
  • Wiki on participation and public debate … “Recent Changes” has been removed. Incompetent? Nawww … merely corrupt. #

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