BenTrem tweeted on 2008-11-14

  • Lord WordPress gnomes are snotty! #NeedHelp If you know WordPressMU / understand “wildcard domains” please DM me … please. #
  • @jimpick Hi – spidering for the guy who #10 Downing announced as their web czar I happened onto your profile. greets from Edmonton! #
  • Kewlio … WP Moo up and running on Dreamhost. Now ferr shurr I’ll have no life at all! #
  • I write about my cohort’s bad conscience; a blighted environment, and USA from richest nation to most indebted. No surprise they don’t hear. #
  • @jimpick Hi – see > < “Mark Flanagan”. Can’t find hide nor hair, no idea. Like Obama sites … all top-down … #
  • Tweaking site-wide themes for WPMU … doing this sorta thing “once in a while” is a real pain in the brain. #
  • … between you, me, and the doorpost, just a kludge. Also, my list: < #
  • Always interesting to note who’s not following. “Being twitted” may be old-ish English, but it works. (Most folk actually aren’t friendly.) #
  • When I’m coding or doing tech_docs I keep notes. A hand-written journal. You know, I’ve never found an online system for that! #
  • When I get tired I write! “Praxis … can’t actualize it without _techne_.” > < #
  • I’m back to “mutual admiration society”. It’s the only thing that fits the data. Self-involved individuals with self-confirming assertions. #
  • @jimpick #TiddlyWeb is all o’that! *grin* I ran into a brickwall though … maybe BT is leaning on the team / corporate agenda. #
  • Lessee if I got this clear: because I’ve scrimped to self-finance, I should give away the product of years spent hard at it. That’s fucked. #
  • Speaking of “thirst for problem solving”, anybody know if the #Obama web team is still alive? I hear 450 staff for transition … WTF. #

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