BenTrem tweeted on 2008-11-12

  • It’s really quite horrifying: in the mutual-confirmation culture of hustle and scam, being frank results in real aggression and contempt. #
  • Obama’s famous web effort; it’s all one-way. Mail lists are noisy w/no sense of netiquette, and blogs are top-down. A-lilst holds control. #
  • So much talk, so little meaning! I think most bla-blah means either “Obey or I’ll bite” or “Please buy me; I promise to suck up real well.” #
  • Commerce 101: if you have a commercial viable solution to a perennial problem you _per force_ give it over to those who’ve held sway so far. #
  • Formula: over-arching guilt + chronically low self-esteem + sense of entitlement = allergy to mere honesty. To be frank is to be disloyal. #
  • Ironic lucidity in the company of peers is … well, it’s bliss beyond ecstatsy. Like a peyote trip w/o downside. But alone? *blink* Lonely. #
  • @jeffpulver Since I started with Twitter I’ve been tucking homepages onto a page, more/less random. Now I can rank them! ;-) #
  • In fact and actually, Obama web effort is already closing doors/windows. On TV talk about transparencey; on web-site, stay silent. Pity … #
  • It’s pretty clear: the Obama web team shares deep cultural roots with the yuppie opportunists who control Web2.0: 80/20, honesty be damned. #

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