BenTrem tweeted on 2008-11-11

  • … in 5 years I haven’t gotten 1 single comment on that. No email nothin’. *shrug* #
  • Q: isn’t complaint #1 arbitrary authority? A piddling bureaucrat can make your life hell. Likewise a bullying supervisor. Emancipation! #
  • Tooo good: > < “Animal Farm. Ready After Highschool. Real Life?” (ImplementingScrum) #
  • Programming can be intimate: crawling the bowels of #M$ Expression Web I can see how the software engineers have been lobotimized. !j/k #
  • #obama Top of stack vido: “We Have a Lot of Work to Do” > < #
  • @mvizdos Contracts / game-change for ’09. For decades as shaman I was mocked for not maxing ROI. Now everybody around me is broke. heh! #
  • @JessieX 4th turning: relate to soil. What can be more “grounding” than to create soil?! Rather than “re-cycling” as moral imperative heh… #
  • #M$ coders / architects have soooooo not learned anything in the past decades. No wonder their OSs suck so bad. #ExpressionWeb #
  • #ThinkPiece “The global financial crisis: opportunities for change” > < #
  • @mvizdos Anchored … both feet on the ground. Sorry you thought I was being sarcastic. So sad. #
  • I posted “The Obama WhiteHouse – Civility, OpenDemocracy and Web2.0” and got 0 views from Twitter. “Social”? Where … I don’t see it. #
  • @marshallk Have you peeked I think it misses w/FF chrome, but it’s some awsome social. (I’ve many hundreds at del *sigh*) #
  • Surveying blog comments; in this (rather small) set more than 3/4 are sychophantic. “A-list” really does promote/propagate psychopathy. #
  • ReTw @jeremyvaught: RT: @chrisbrogan via Download Squad: what if the Matrix ran Windoze? [shud update to #Vista] #
  • Oooh, Apples “Web Page Best Practices” was updated 2008 > < #
  • After studying comments I did a survery of “social media” A-list blogs … easilly over 80% were about some aspect of hucksterism. #borg #

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