BenTrem tweeted on 2008-08-28

  • LiveJournal, BlogSpot, Vox, PeopleAggregator, … not sure why I’m so partial to LJ, but I am. #
  • @aaroncampbell TU for pointer to Acquia/Drupal > [webdevnews_net] < BTW, met you via [wp-pro] #
  • heh … rewarded for snooping circa1998: Silicon Valley Tarot > < #
  • #karma Haven’t done Tarot since ’78, but it came through for me BigTime! #
  • @ChrisSaad Someone said picking Biden shows that Obama has changed his mind about change. It’s a ghastly system. #
  • @ChrisSaad “Pragmatic idealism” is what the republican mayor from Alaska praised him for. Not the lamest explication. #
  • #Fragmentation? Yet.another way to make comments discoverable > < #
  • Last night I called for more rhetoric like that of Kennedy, even that of Churchill. Tonight Doris Kearns Goodmin nailed it: Roosevelt. #
  • Profound question? “I’m only consuming as much as 500 other planetary passengers; how can I get out of debt?” #borg #oligarchs #matrix #
  • @KathySierra 89% read, 10% participate, 1% initiate. (Rough data from a study. IIRC, “Who Writes WikiPedia?”) #

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