BenTrem tweeted on 2008-08-27

  • Slick bi-partisanship: get a Republican from Alaska to praise Obama’s “keen intellect and pragmatic idealism” … can’t hoit! #
  • #TV What to watch? Hillary at DNC? or the guys from Deadliest Catch sitting in a tavern, convo w/New England fishers? (hint: I’m prole.) #
  • My 1st job was airborne infantry. #2 was SigInt. #3 was NORAD/SAC in the Arctic. Puhleeze don’t ask me to pimp any politician. #
  • Politicians’ rhetoric is so artless! Hillary was “fine”. “Fine” i.e. “good enough/no offense”. It weren’t JFKennedy nor Churhill. No soul. #
  • Note to friends: no rhetoric can rival integrity as balm; individual greed is destroying our planet. > < … #
  • @anildash I wudda DMd you about Charlie Rose but *shrug* you only follow a hundred or so. *shrug* #
  • I just wrote Matt Rutherford and Al Hunt at Bloomberg; yuppies (like Anil) are xenophobic/in-bred. They delete outlying data. #borg #
  • (bis) #epi-genetics Holy shit … identical series of DNA that manifest diff depending on whether they came from mom or dad. #
  • *Warning: mood in action* Have you ever had a thought? Bosses squelch you, politicians blow you, lovers and friends co-validate … #matrix #
  • @jkuramot If you haven’t watched the dramatic tennis then *shrug* dewd … what’s all that money for?! #

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