BenTrem tweeted on 2008-08-29

  • Gore: McCain, Bush, Cheney: string of calamaties due to their “indifference to facts”. That indifference is foundational to “neo-realism”. #
  • @technosailor Someone offers me, heck, even half of that I’ll work something up. It’s for a good cause, after all. *choke sputter* #
  • Gore fingered Bush, Cheney for string of calamaties and their “indifference to facts”. That indifference is foundational to “neo-realism”. #
  • Tough viewing choice … DNC? or The Sting (one more time). Sting? Or DNC. Manipulators? or cons? Cons? or … #
  • Implementation of democracy from the ground up would be a whole IT niche. google “participatory deliberation” #
  • @bs I was at MozLabs looking at Ubiquity about 3 hours ago. Some awesome! #
  • Ok, let’s guess: how many YouTube videos will the Obama bio spawn? (it’s pretty damned good!) #
  • Concept: “pursuit of happiness” not as narcissistic entitlement, but “hard work and sacrifice”. Neo-cons work to stack the deck. #
  • Ya basta! Rationality, reason, “enlightened” self-interest … “pragmatic idealism”. Remember war-mongers like Cheney/Halliburton . #
  • “Ownership society” => “You’re on your own”. That’s the sort of rhetoric that in-formed Kennedy, and Churchill, and Roosevelt. #
  • Ok … so Obama’s not a theatrically gifted orator. But those who’ll say he wasn’t substantial have spread-sheets for souls. #
  • @ChrisSaad “Ya basta!” was a very popular slogan in anti-globalization. “Enough, already!” (I forget the Yiddish for it. Ganug ist ganug?) #
  • Point is: you wanna actualize progressive ideals? Then shine bright lights on fascist social architecture. (I don’trust yuppies’ kidz.) #
  • Metaphorically: Tennis players who qualified for the USOpen manifest true mastery. The Web2 sites I drill into? Foundationally thin / weak. #

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