BenTrem tweeted on 2008-07-25

  • Old monk confronts ronin w/”You’re under arrest”. Ronin halves the monk at the waist. Falling, monk sez, “But you are still under arrest.” #
  • @mndoci Interesting. I’d include in “information” poetic/metaphorical. I can’t distinguish data from fact. (Correct or wrong, 1 is 1.) #
  • Regardless of exist or not: number of sasquaches observed: precisely 0. #
  • @mndoci Ah! I wouldn’t contend at all against the 2nd part. But I will argue that a bit / datum is a fact. Else? The Savage God. #
  • When (if?) we insist that information be evidence-based, (then) fascism will begin to draw its last gasp. #
  • @danja BTW my @gapingvoid about “crows”: me teasing him re “Wisdom of …” typo. (Of course he didn’t reply; 2 degrees of separation only) #
  • RapidCMDB > < and Puppet > < a match made in heaven? OomD (OutOfMyDepth) #
  • @mndoci I did cog-psych to nail taxonomy / ontology … ended up reverting to Karma Kagyu prasangika shen.tong. Tashi Delek! #
  • Nice to find I haven’t been merely paranoid / deluded regarding confustication about facticity. “We’re lost. Good news? We know it!” #
  • *Epilogue* Long ago, reading “Being and Time”, I felt I’d been conned. Today I found “Dasein for Dummies” > < #
  • Gnarly: “having to reject the yahoo toolbar every time java updates itself” #
  • @TechCrunch *take 2″ EMail shutdown?! 2nd read of headline req’d: I use so I care! (“EMail from AOL” clearer) #
  • “Another night in the CFL”. w/12 seconds to go, and a chance at fieldgoal to tie, Dinwoodie throws 35 yards for the major and a win. Ace. #
  • Federer, down yesterday; Rodick, down today. Nadal … what can a person say?! #
  • Let’s say Nadal is a force of nature. ATM Andreev is fighting him off, so then what is Andreev?! #
  • Drunk (home-baked ale) I watch tennis. What catches my eye? Richard Sennett and “Corrosion of Charater” > < #
  • Ok … Nadal is a force of nature, and Andreev did not give way; Andreev was beaten. #
  • @xtof_fr Peut-être vous rêver de _.do_ … le fait de faire. (Ecrire du Zen en Francais?! oof … ca me demande un peut plus d’bierre!) #
  • I can’t think of a single thing that matters. After 35 years with “participatory deliberation” I’m just about ready to be a wanker. #
  • Truth : a person can talk Business Process Modelling til the cows come home w/o knowing his ass from his elbow. It’s that sort of age. #
  • Dissected a 144KB email newsletter … 16KB of body text and markup, the rest is CSS. Ghastly. #
  • #NewToMe … reading through “a very huge and capable system, it cannot be fully learned in a week!” #
  • @kentbrew Was TypeInvaders ported to the C=64? I seem to remember it. #
  • is quite nice … I can’t recall why I invested time in NetVibes but not there. #

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