BenTrem tweeted on 2008-07-24

  • *typo* 3gm camera-carrying ornithopter > < #
  • @bronwen You like Ning? > < #
  • @gapingvoid re: Klein’s “Wisdom”; my first ethology research was modeling crows’ dynamics w/VRML … wunnerful beasties. #
  • How I wish someone would write about the wisdom of corvids! #
  • @mndoci The OWF site needs some beef! #
  • TU @robinbloor “Should Enterprises Use Mashups?”, a blog post with substance > < #
  • #owf Good results for “open web foundation” from blogsearch > < #
  • Roddick / Celic … gotta luv tennis! #
  • @dankeldsen Just read “Context is the root of Value” > < #
  • In a mahasiddha moment of whimsy I wielded my vajra; insight? Most folk are paid to stem innovation; the clever ones do it w/false lights #
  • @mndoci I’m gonna stick my neck out and @samlawrence … when data don’t mean “facts” then we’re f*cked. There’s gotta be at least 1 pony. #
  • When I count the number of unicorns I’ve seen I come up with 0 … that’s a datum. But it’s ontic, not semantic. #
  • “Most folk are paid to stem innovation”; cuz they lean on one half of their taxonomy to blow and the other half when they suck. #sit.fence #
  • @mndoci w/respect: Why/how does “Is this good or bad” come into the declaration that “Xyz” is a fact? It’s not a moral / ethical question. #
  • “Because I am a good and decent person I observe the laws of gravity; that I do so evidences that I am good &tc &tc.” hi-falutin’ non-sense #

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