BenTrem tweeted on 2008-07-23

  • @9600 That sound will remain a vivid memory for years … trust me. I heard it daily for months and can replay it 30 yrs later. #
  • I had always intended to have a free hand by this age; now having that, I find myself surrounded by barbarians. #
  • Robert Reich on “McCainomics Versus Obamanomics: Top-Down or Bottom-Up” > < #
  • @timoreilly What to do about it? The best train in denial … on-going … the way psychos learn from clinical interviews. #oligarchs #
  • Group-think … sophisticated blog functions remind me of Win95: either think precisely as we think or STFU. Amerikkka rampant. #
  • @timoreilly p.s. #
  • Truth: I’m setting up a Mt Robson expedition company because I just can’t stand anymore IT pretense. #
  • Ever have one of those days where meaningful technical text seems to convey no significance whatsoever? #
  • Remembering 2 years straight of 60hr weeks, can’t imagine how I did it! #
  • GeekGoodness revisited: “Ensuring Code Quality in Multi-threaded Applications” > < #
  • Grrrrrrrr … I “Sent” a DM without having copied it and the whale et it … a sacrifice to the UnKnown god. #

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