BenTrem tweeted on 2008-07-22

  • Doing: Talked to umpteen “far better than FB” friends on LJ. Wasting my life away? Sidebar: 54, today first time required percocet. dang #
  • *tap tap tap* Done anything lately? > < #
  • @philcrissman Law of squares; the nneeexxxtttt ffffeeeeewwwww yyyyyeeeeeaaaaaarrrrrrssssssss aaaarrrrrreeeeee dddddiiiiiiffffff. #
  • The cut&thrust discourse that has so driven the world, that yuppies’ kidz so loath and disparage: by such are angels wrought. *fuckwads* #
  • @jimwhimpey Yaaa, couple re-discovering guitar with bummer and a frown. #pathological #5thcolumn #
  • “Krugman wrote last week” … fucking yuppies. Me and mine have said for decades “Profit is privatised; loss is socialized.” #fuckwads #
  • What I gain from engaging random strangers: yet.another insight into the sophistry of yuppies (and their kidz). Others’? *shrug* No.braine #
  • @CLaueR “Et zut”?! Oh-lha meme les francos-Albertain comprends ca! [comprenent?] *giggle* #
  • @bronwen Hey you … have you been quiet recently? Engaging “libertarians”, I’ve had only @technosailor as interlocutor. #
  • @dankeldsen At you (This is what I call “splatt”.) an invite to #
  • Big day tomorrow. Lots of stuff needing done. Then off to XYZ until IJK. @gapingvoid #
  • @RobinGood Holy shit dude, that’s some grade-A spew! 3 in 1 minute? (Depersonalizes the entire situation, nae?) Some sorta buffer there? #
  • *No follow= No DM* @RobinGood I know my cog.ergonomics only count w/CandyStripe against USSR, but:UR sites are whore-house quality. #
  • Hate folk who look like the boom mic means they’re piloting a helicopter? Yaa … me too. Which only shows ?what? they are superior. *NOT!* #
  • #oligarchs : /. is _uber_ 80s. SourceForge is barely 90s. But you, of course, the cognescenti, are hepp hepp hepp … priggish twits. #
  • heh:for all its faults, /. puts in a delay to preclude Spam; so now I Tweet and listen to Colbert, rather than post. #idiots #idiots #idiots #
  • #fuckwads I wait 5 minutes to post a 2nd comment … /. in its wisdom refuses me. Game /. ? Hell no … no sane person. Asshole? ferr shurr #
  • Here’s a joke for you: after decades experience doing Rave security, you’ll see me w/my teacher’s tea cup. Get through outer, deal w/me. #
  • This is not tantra … this is whore-house production values: #
  • This is not good cognitive-ergonomics, this is spew: #
  • This is not crap, this is an accidental happening that was long in coming: #
  • I dare you: #
  • Joining put me on a bit-torrent tangent; a lot of good music out there! (Steve Reich’s “Drumming”!) #
  • New for me: … tweet cloud updated in near real-time #
  • and … this stuff is working! #
  • @Joi Have you checked out TiddlyWiki and ? Seems ideal for event blogging. #

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