BenTrem tweeted on 2008-07-26

  • @kentbrew Then I guess I was using your software! (mid-80s, taught my kids with it … eldest daughter is webmaster/journalist!) #
  • I like to see my fave wide-receiver going up / pulling it down. Don’t like? Him going helmet/helmet and leaving on backboard by ambulance. #
  • Nice thing about elemental games like is when you f* up, there’s no BS soap-opera to hide behind. You f’d up _._ #
  • re: Pausch: when doom is on the horizon /most/ manifest sterling qualities. It’s opportunistic / ambitious yuppies who pox the republic. #
  • I’m a problem-solving trouble-shooter. Kidz progress by obfuscating problems and denying trouble. Shall I wish for Genghis Khan, for fun? #
  • Oooh … Summize adds something to tweets: gives option of expanding compressed URLs. Clever! #
  • “Mysteries of the Unregulated Internet” > < [LiveScience_com] #
  • Warning: huge time-waster ahead > < #
  • I tweeted about my fave receiver being injured > < Jason Tucker broke 2 verts in his neck; surgery on Tu … #

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