BenTrem tweeted on 2008-06-04

  • Now Hillary will double back and un-mock Obama’s message? #
  • Clinton as VP … makes absolutely certain that a) nothing changes and b) progressives know that they are out.out.out of power. #
  • Heh … WordPress core has all the functionality required to implement my “participatory deliberation”, but basic architecture stops me. #
  • @n8k99 Strange coincidence: with CNN in the background I came across … the story never ends! #
  • Soooooo: Hillary wants to be affirmed as a great person without the heavy lifting of behaving as a great person. #
  • Hillary as Cheney in a White House with no Bush? #
  • Since day 1 I’ve felt that Clinton (both) has a spiteful streak. Will she prove me right? #
  • @interstar I’ll be coy/cute: it’s kinda like how it confounds “tag” and “category”. Or “when does a comment become a post?” (NDA? *grin*) #
  • Pretty clever: With one click becomes a guided tour of the site’s features. #
  • *w00t!* Renewed my Advanced ham licence … VE6IU is ready to go! #
  • NB: Something like 15% of Dems (“1 in 7” CNN) say race matters to them and, absent Clinton, would vote McCain or not vote at all. #
  • What’s “social justice”, pity and shame? In “primitive societies” surplus is distributed, to the elders and to those in need. “Primitive”?! #
  • @randytroppmann Anthony and Cleopatra, Abelard and Heloise, Romeo and Juliette … we try to laugh off what pains us most! #
  • @Mickeleh Ok, I’ll say my list had a classical _je ne sais quoi_, but gadzooks that’s quite the gallery you arrayed! #rorschach #
  • NewsWeek sez: “Clinton absolutely does not want the job of WP, no matter what others are saying” #

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