BenTrem tweeted on 2008-06-03

  • All.stations now.hear.this: aloe vera; everybody should have a big juicy plant wherever, for burns and stings. Even chain-saw bites. !j/k #
  • Credit where credit is due, Penguins take advantage when Wings stutter. #
  • @tomguarriello *cough* That’s more credit than I’m willing to give just ATM. ;-P #
  • Awwwwwwwwwright, ’nuff is ’nuff. *meh* #
  • THAT’S THE WAY *unh-hunh un-hunh* I _LIKE IT_!! #
  • 2nd retaliation penalty. You’d think they were playing for the Cup or somethin’! #
  • Widget for forum topics?! New for me > < #
  • Buddy gets a slap-shot to the side of the nose but shows up for the next period. Gotta luv it. #
  • Yessssss. Yes, yes yes. *blink* No? #
  • @tariqkrim Wishing you “profound brilliant glory” in your new position. #
  • Man, what a game … back and forth, great goal-tending … the better team pulls ahead. 3-2 in the game, 3-1 in the series. #
  • 5 mins left … crunch time. Figure even the best players only have just over 1 minute ice-time left. #
  • Oooooooooone minute. #
  • OMG tied with 34 secs left. Awesome. #
  • Red Wings always /always/ had a man by the net … except just then. “Crunch time”, ayup. #
  • And BTW: the tying goal came from the guy who took the slap-shot to the side of his nose and came back. _Gotta_ luv it. #
  • @edwardvielmetti Manta rays have wings. ‘n thur smarter than chickens, too. (Go ahead, call me contrary. Or just call me. *grin*) #
  • Worth a peek: … I just set it up on one of my sites. Danged clever! (Thanks to @mashable) #
  • A real treat to watch two teams with their A-game. (Remember: Philly was shut out their first 2 in the series!) #
  • @pprlisa Ferr shurr gotta give Philly credit … as soon as we beat them! #
  • 2 bullshit calls of goalie interference … in what could be the Stanley Cup final. Honest tuh gawd. #
  • Cross-bar off one goal, then goal-post at the other end a minute later. Yumpin’yimminie! #
  • “110 minutes of full-bore hockey; they’ve gotta be hurtin’ bad. Now dumb-ass pokes buddy in the face. 4 minutes short-handed. gawd” crap #
  • @evhead Relevant? > < “Scalability Best Practices: Lessons from eBay” [infoq_com] #
  • I’m lonely. I have an aim, a point, a goal … everyone seems fixated on tools and buzz. Bodhicitta VS ambition. #
  • “Premature optimization is the root of all evil.” Lotsa wisdom here > < #
  • Saving SlideShare to favorites is like eating salted peanuts! #

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