BenTrem tweeted on 2008-06-05

  • Ohhhhhhh boy, here we go again! #
  • For the record, I’m saying 4 – 2 for RedWings. #
  • Ayup … now, if the Wings can stop stumbling in their own zone, they’re home. #
  • *blink* I’m in a middle of a Severe Weather System. *puhleeze let the lightning bolt come in 3 or 4 hours!* #
  • Penguins owe Fleury _big-time_ … 94.3% saves. I’m still calling for Wings by 2. #
  • 2 – 0 It’s about the big mo’: if the Wings had come out flat-footed they’d have been setup to loose the cup. But they roared out 1st minute #
  • A plausible scenario: that Philly play a fine game and lose the Cup in a 3rd shutout. The Wings are /that solid/. #
  • *context switch* I most resent my cohort for teaching their kidz to capitalize on denial. Flaws and faults make for teamwork, not damnation #
  • Ouch. 94.3% sometimes *shrug* just not good enough. No denial … no judgment&condemnation … sharing a team’s fate. #
  • @davedelaney “kittens with screwdrivers” … east-coast band, mid-80s, outta Boston IIRC. Yaa? ;-P #
  • @lachlanhardy didn’t follow so @lachlanhardy doesn’t get a DM. I’m just a NORAD/SAC SigInt MIL-SPEC fool. *shrug* #
  • @Michael_Lehman I’d give cred for “stone” and such. Magnanimity. *shrug* The singularity, sir, it comes down to that. All else follows. ;) #
  • Last game Philly showed jump, right through the 35th second and the 3rd OT. They ain’t there now. #
  • @Michael_Lehman *cough* IMNSHO most fools claim credit. But to fly on the wings of appreciative understanding? Masters only. __{*}__ #
  • So, I called it 4 -2 … we gonna see it? Ooooooooone minute! #
  • I’ve preached “virtuosity leads to virtue”. Tiger Woods sez nobody watches hockey anymore. Color me wrong? :-) #
  • Holy shit Pengs damn near did it with 2 secs left! #
  • Correction: Holy shit Pengs damn near did it with 0.2 secs left! #
  • Reminder: before the Oilers’ dynasty took off they lost the Cup 4 games straight. #
  • Haaaaaaaaaa! Think that’s the first time Chris Chelios has elicited booos? *snort* #

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