BenTrem tweeted on 2008-05-31

  • Dear Twitter: WTF did you do to my profile?! #
  • My teacher on “Bringing Buddhism to a wired Seattle” > < [seattlepi_nwsource_com] #
  • Rule of law? “Obama wasn’t on the Michigan ticket but *shrug* count the results anyway!” The Presidential attitude we know / loathe. #borg #
  • Dem dynamics on parade: what’s suppose to be a debate starts like an Academy acceptance speech; “I’m his friend, I’m her friend yada-blah” #
  • Dem dynamics on parade: kiss-ass, suck up, schmooze, sophistry, spin, rhetoric … personality politics VS f’n rules. #
  • @n8k99 A fine object lesson on politics as it is done: compromise til everybody feels either beholden or snake-bit. Not inspiring, alas. #

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