BenTrem tweeted on 2008-06-01

  • (bis) 2 – 1 in the series, 2 – 1 so far in the game. Yes, please and thank you! #
  • Those watching the game will understand this: Ohhhhhhh-wooops! #
  • It ain’t West Ridge of Everest, but it’s pretty freakin’ dramatic. #
  • Fundamentals before ego. Assignments. Personal contract. The raw material of excellence. #
  • Same fine shiet, different pile: Grand Trango Tower / Karakoram > < step by step, inch by inch. #
  • @dahowlett IMNSHO BOAF + “Daily Me” + mutual admiration society results in something like xenophobia, a self-perpetuating walled garden. #
  • Cocktail party schmooze for the sake of brownie points passing itself off as a significant component of the emancipation project. #matrix #
  • Fabulous hockey. Penguins executed their game. Detroit beat them, just so. #
  • @dahowlett You have no idea what I meant, but you disagree. Thanks … paradigmatic. #unfollow #
  • Nothing quite as shamelessly ingratiating as A-list wannabes in rut, putting on demonstrations of BoaF loyalty. *gag reflex triggers* #
  • Envision our plight: sycophancy + corruption; blithe elitists in the service of psychopaths. What chance of good karma?! #borg #oligarchs #
  • “Price of liberty is eternal vigilence”. True virtue, like real virtuosity, is inherently unstable; only corruption is self-perpetuating. #
  • Twitter-talk – I don’t get it: ok, so it’s a CMS. But why is “Add Follow” so tightly coupled to “Update”? > < #
  • Intelligent failure yeilds insight! Hueniverse: “The Last AnNounce(r)ment” > < #
  • @gapingvoid Eran’s Hueniverse: “The Last AnNounce(r)ment” > < is a case in point. A great post. #

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