BenTrem tweeted on 2008-05-29

  • Dear Twitter: Don’t blow away tweets. Either accept and post, or don’t accept. Data loss is a no-no. #
  • @mbuckbee Thanks for notice. I’m finding intype attractive, though still alpha. Folk onlist looking for alternative to eclipse. #
  • What does failure / loss mean? Pengs might have ass handed to them. Before their dynasty, the Oilers lost cup in 4 games; scored 6 goals. #
  • @NathanaelB huh huh … I recognize that ethos: I had to do serious work on DOS 3.2 ;-P You’re evidently a warrior! #
  • New one for me: Thanks to @dankeldsen. #
  • 3rd period is pret’near as you’ll ever see. #
  • I’d say yuppies’ superficiality has brain-damaged their kidz. Paradox : Locks have many parts; they’re complex. Keys are complex; 1 part. #
  • Careerist yuppies are sure to go easy on Rove/Libby et al. Why? Because they themselves earn their salt as “complicit enablers”. #oligarchs #
  • Contradistinction: righteous heavy-lifting’s about solutions to real problems while Web2.0 clap-trap is about sucking for attention. #borg #

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