BenTrem tweeted on 2008-04-10

  • @laughingsquid … nice video. Tell me: why has SF failed to support Too outspoken / independent? #
  • Trust CA yuppies to sanitize everything including politics … smarmy little pricks learning from their smarmy parents. "Democrats" YR YR #
  • Occam’s Razor in action: yuppie dems were born yesterday; weren’t awake in the 80s for Hussein, weren’t alive in 70s for Allende. YR YR YR #
  • @SamLawrence Vy cool indeed, But *shrug* wordprocessing by Mattel; if it ain’t got macros then "buzz" is all it’s good for. IMNSHO #
  • Weird … Twitter just vaporized a reply *test 1 2 3* #
  • @SamLawrence I wrote "vy impressive". Not good enuff? "text, pictures, video–all that" is fine, for sizzle. I don’t see the beef. #
  • @shellehs Can you ID my avatar? I’ve had it for years … can’t recall source. TIA #
  • @SamLawrence Apparently Buzz creates presentations > < at Share. #
  • @SamLawrence Ah, I read you backwards. Fabulous presentation layer; perhaps they will follow up w/more beef. (Like post to blog!) Mebbe. #
  • @dankeldsen There’s bound to be a shake-out. Let Darwin rule! BTW new for me > < (1 of a continuing series?) #
  • @ev @biz 4th time today Twitter web interface black-holes an update. You don’t have unlimited cred. #

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