BenTrem tweeted on 2008-04-11

  • Oh goodie: Yahoo has caught google disease: after month of no problems with Pipes! now I’m in "suggestion" hell w/"Invalid crumb". Crap. #
  • Courts in China don’t even follow Chinese laws … fertile ground for multi-national corporations! Global gulag = global fascism. #
  • @SamLawrence Every super-hero has an Achilles heel. Yours is that you can be turned turtle. ;-P #
  • @SamLawrence Haaaaaa! Last I checked there’s demand/pull for "ink" … you aspiring to Washington DC? "Deniability" requires real skill. ;) #
  • Baseball’s fabulous. B’ball is all o’that. But Stanley Cup hockey? Rocks the house. (San Jose VS Calgary *Gack Ptui*) #
  • Before early retirement I was hard-core tech for 20+ yrs. Q: how come Web2.0 is so much like sucking up to high-school hot shots? #matrix #
  • Heavy lifting: within 6 hours of STS-107 coming apart I had sent NASA an animated model showing sensor readings/time-line. Web2.0 = fluff. #
  • @SamLawrence Tell your better half that Charlie Rose is interviewing Hellen Mirren. #
  • Re-Tweet: @ZDNetBlogs "When software and politics mix, quality suffers" > < #borg #matrix #
  • Where our thinking was 30 years ago : < R.D. Laing: "The Politics of the Mind" #
  • Yuppie-think: bio-fuels are great idea. Meanwhile, poorest of the poor face /doubled/ price for food grains. #borg #matrix #oligarchs #
  • @jimwhimpey I must admit: I was pulling for the Flames *Gack Ptui!* Alberta born and bred … _noblesse oblige_ #

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