BenTrem tweeted on 2008-04-09

  • @technosailor If "cheap-shot artist" qualifies as ass behavior then for sure I know 2 here who out-rank you easily. FWIW, of course. #
  • How valid is Twitter userdata? A flake follows 4,880 and gets 398 followers … having made 11 meaningless updates. The MySpace effect. #
  • Pro-China use Karl Rove politics: Darfur is A-OK and Tibet is no problem. The problem is HH Dalai Lama, a liar and a thug. Yaaa, right. #
  • Communist Chinese tactics in action: deception and mis-direction. (SF Chronicle’s website scoops CNN live?!) #
  • @laughingsquid If they shift torch by boat you gonna have street party? (SF.Indymedia is down; dunno who’s co-ordinating.) #

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