BenTrem tweeted on 2008-03-25

  • @technosailor I can’t sleep. Watched 2 Iraq documentaries tonight. Then read about a dozen Iraq-related blogs. I’m feeling dumb/useless. #
  • New radicalism? Just folk who’ve profited by burnout careers now behaving as though morally superior. #
  • Knee-deep in Ajax and PHP, wrangling WordPress SQL. #
  • @angsuman From your business I guess you know just how fine / perverse WP is … 2.5 has some changes. *Tally ho!* ;-) #
  • @gamerz Nice "post rating" plugin, Lester! #
  • Forward into the past: "I still use WordPress, but PHP sucks!" > [maurus_net] < #
  • Hi-tech taught me this (avionics, not Web2.0!): if it hard to disconfirm your tactic, so be it. *Dang, WP falls short of my needs!* #

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