BenTrem tweeted on 2008-03-26

  • Well I’ll be danged. Muktada Al Sadr’s alive cuz of Rumsfeld and Condi Rice? Don’t you Yanks have impeachment processes?! #
  • A-list bloggers blogging about A-list bloggers blogging. And good journalistic sites writing about bloggers’ blogs. Ostriches. Fiddlers. #
  • @marshallk Why’s Twitter so danged likable? I mean, we all more/less jumped on it; a pride of ownership thing? Some deep ergonomics at work #
  • How many fine people did Bush and Cheney screw over? Powell, Tenet, Jay Garner … psychopaths in the White House. Vampires. #
  • @adamostrow Betcha they had pretty solid plans /before/ roll-out. #
  • @chrisbrogan Meet Martin Cleaver: #
  • Another proof of vampirism: consensus had been to boot Rumsfeld. Cheney worked his voodoo and *ting* Powell was out. #
  • Being old sucks. "Clear Hold Build" was new policy for Iraq in 2006. I wrote a paper on that for UN BlueHelmets late 80s. #borg #matrix #
  • Greets to @trib and @astrout on FriendFeed #
  • My project: IT to help such as "Deception for War Project" > < … bla-yada-buzz just distracts. #
  • Antarctic ice-shelf breakup … Nero fiddled as Rome burned. Are we just doing a variation on that? #
  • Hillary Clinton’s campaign is dead in the water. She lied about coming under sniper fire? "So I made a mistake. I’m human." Flip, and glib. #
  • Nice … cross-pollination FriendFeed <-> Twitter. #
  • @astrout ‘s "Hiring in Web2 World" > < Good point about resume not being hard evidence. #
  • Last thing I want is yet.another FF extension. Nobody’s written a ClipMarks bookmarklet?! #
  • @technosailor Have you tried with OpenOffice? It’s got a pretty good PPT-like function. #
  • @marshallk I can’t get Twiddla’s Sandbox to display. ‘sup? #
  • @marshallk Oh-wooops … spoke too soon. It’s just complex/slow. #
  • @metafluence I found Matt Mullenweg’s explanation > [comox_textdrive_com] < … just good luck. #
  • @marshallk Proper thing / congrats to all hands! #
  • Sent email to 5 "doers" I tweet with. On twitter I get replies (no cold-shoulder). But emai? Not a peep. Is Twitter merely trivial? #
  • @marshallk In my experience there are 2 sources of ace #1 cocaine buzz: TV cameras and microphones. #
  • @jeffreymcmanus It seems n00b-think is hard-wired and years of mindful practice over-ride … but that remain always default. ;-P #
  • From hippie frenz on – SF and Bay Area Events and Community. #

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