BenTrem tweeted on 2008-03-24

  • *peek* _Parley-vous_ Bayes? > < SpamFilter for WP. (The WP dev group is right on the bounce!) #
  • Jesus died cuz he backed the wrong horse. You? $$$ and $$$$ and $$$$$$ and $$$$$$$$. So, you can forgive my anymosity. You /could/. #
  • Don’t get me wrong; I won’t let the rhetoric intervene. Merely, and simply this: you are as though whores. Ok? Ok? Yes? No? *shrug* bummer #
  • @kevinmarks wow … otherwise clever people tweeting GS. How symptomatic / lame is that … buzzzz buzzz buzzzzzz #
  • @JasonCalacanis Happy Easter. At 53 I’m feelin’ I shudda died w/him rather than put up w/this. (Poor=stupid) #
  • Y’all really don’t get it. "Matrix" is just metaphor. But it works. We could talk about it, but for you (and /you/ control) it’s taboo. #
  • So there’s the Dalai Lama, thinkin’bout American Buddhists. Dunno … I’m thinkin’ he might opt for nuclear. US = fake. #
  • Imagine this: those of us who do not lead from front are not dead; do … do …. do as you will. DO! Do as the spirit sez. #
  • Landlord wants fuss? I get cops. Like y’all … profiting from fake and false. Buzz, buzz around ?what? … buzzz. #
  • Bottom line: AalQuada has you dead to rights. Web2.0 kidz find excuses to diss, but mature men find reason to cut through the crap. #loser #
  • Truth is, I’ve never wanted to play solo. So SW and taxonony, VRML … old stuff. Been there/done that. But you don’t really talk. BS/buzz. #
  • What makes me angry? The cavalier quality of the fecklessness. No questions. Pat answers. Smarmy. BS. Go ahead, vampires, suck blood! #
  • @Documentally TU for the signs of human life. After so many decades I’m about to give in to abject despair. #
  • How to become a star in the Web2.0 community? "Build bigger wings". That’s what works. Now, mano-a-mano, what do you expect of me? #
  • Bla-blah! Twitter twitter! Look to at me! Tweet-tweet, yada-yada! Honest to Christ, folk are you ever self-aware? Minimally?! #bord #matrix #
  • @kevinmarks @pistachio A match made in heav … oh. Wait. *ponders* Wholly shit, BatMan. #
  • I can’t overcome the deeply experienced feeling that "Fuuuuuuuck you!" is the proper response to business opportunities. Assholes. #
  • Neo-Realism2.0: as long as I have a flock of like-minded twits, and a coupla VCs, reality doesn’t matter. (You’re sick, kids. Get a grip.) #
  • Foolish? Looking over the financial markets, it’s like Web2.0: a small few are producing value while #maggots get rich talking/speculating. #
  • @philcrissman Toooo funny. I’ll bookmark that site in a brand spanking new folder called "Paradigmatic of Marginal Utility" *snort* #
  • @jimwhimpey Apparently once you establish a bit of track-record you can ask them to lower the rate. You know, "Another card is lower, so… #
  • @baratunde Go you! #
  • ""People like Joe Stiglitz lack the courage to …"; White House spokesman Tony Fratto. > < Hushing Iraq … #

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