BenTrem tweeted on 2008-03-15

  • LG … meeting people’s real needs … like the fridge c/w auto-closing doors … ayup, real needs. #matrix #borg #oligarchs #
  • While some folk are buying LG fridges with "auto-closing doors"? Others, in Oregon, are entering lotteries for /health care/. #borg #matrix #
  • @yourdon TU. Passing of an age; he had insight: "obsessive reliance on technology was indicative of a moral failing in society". Web2.0! #
  • @yourdon Let’s call it "The Eliza Effect". Mine: techdocs printed dot-matrix were reviewed more closely/strictly than pretty print w/laser. #
  • @sbspalding "Phatic" exchanges create sense of identity and membership, even when content is *cough* fluff. #
  • @sbspalding Oh, hey, I meant "Web2.0 is about conversation" too. Like elaborate co-seduction. #
  • @yourdon Web2.0 ~~ Eliza2.0 … phatic exchange with skilfully designed sites that just want the reader to click the google ad! #matrix #
  • Red faces for folk in Georgia’s severe weather warning centers. (Are folk just about thinking globacl climate change is a joke?) #
  • @technosailor Does AllTop have an antidisestablishmentarianism category already? #
  • Not having learned, we must re-live our history > < "Winter Soldiers" take #2 #
  • ABC’s 20/20 is popular, right? Their site shows that forums just don’t work > < dozens of posts; few rep … #
  • These are considered impressive mashups?! "Google Earth with music, or locations of famous WW II battles like Iwo Jima or Pearl Harbor" #
  • @revgeorge TU for the link; I’m aiming at a good english bitter and/or india pale ale. #
  • heh; an hour spent reading up on beer technique > < is an hour well spent! TU @revgeorge #
  • @baratunde FYI re: MediaMatters > < my CitizenJournalism resources wiki page #
  • @marshallk GReader is what I call sloppy 80/20 … doing what works 80% for 80% of users = "good enough" #

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