BenTrem tweeted on 2008-03-14

  • Hey, wait a minute … S3/EC2SQS … does Amazon accept liability for data security? *rubs hands* Smells like opportunity. #
  • Watching "Glengarry Glen Ross" … if it isn’t already a stage play it should be. Intense dialog. #
  • @MattDickman Scheduled overcast for the weekend, after practice runs on hot track … and no traction control. Tire-choice will rule! #
  • Canadian "conservative" thinking is a farce. 2008 and all Alta oil still flows south; eastern Canada relies on insecure sources. #oligarchs #
  • @alexdc Sorry I missed your … you should connect with @infovark – see their #
  • @edwardvielmetti In 1974 I read a quarterly report by TRW; the CEO: "The time has come to adjust people so they work with our new systems." #
  • @rww I just read (the biggest part of) [www_readwriteweb_com] … you freakin’ rock, mate. +5 to Sarah #
  • Q: if something as big and rich as google can be, well, kinda dumb, isn’t it just possible that my 30+ years in tech_comms allows me a gem? #
  • @marshallk has most recent "digg" item 39 minutes ago. We tweet here, so on our blogs … we what, squawk? #
  • *tap tap tap* anybody awake? New for me > [publishing2_com] < "Radical Idea For News Sites" … perky! #
  • @seanbonner Sorry? GMail’s fine here.y #
  • A nice little "Improve Twitter" thread at > < … not quite stale (late Feb) #
  • For long moments (like after reading RWW) I feel good. Then I’m reminded that my cohort is a bunch of arrogant sophistic whores. #borg #
  • Yummy: Daily Show roast Farrari uhhh Ferraro. (Yaa, yaa, weltschmerz. It’s such fun, no me it hurts!) #
  • Yummy: Daily Show roast Farrari uhhh Ferraro. (Yaa, yaa, weltschmerz. It’s such fun, not me it hurts!) #
  • Some people use Twitter as a chat room. Like, say, as though I could comment on how Daily Show now has /2/ females. *pfffft* lame #
  • Wanna be a project mgr even though you talk like a 5th grader? Join google. > [searchwinit_techtarget_com] #
  • @jimwhimpey I’ve been sketching an over-clocked PC … the games are just too good to resist. #
  • Unusual: I’m finding Steven Colbert funny. #
  • @Pistachio I wanna know how many geeks got there and went "Oooh! There’s live music happening, too!" ;-P #
  • @fulltimecasual Sometimes "too buggered" produces good instincts. stay well #

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