BenTrem tweeted on 2008-03-13

  • You know you’re geek when: you successfully implement a new subdomain re-direction strategy and feel all a’twitter. #
  • Cautionary tale: even NYTimes is vulnerable to surge in requests > [www_news_com] < #
  • @spiver You in Chapel Hill? There’s a _lotsawa_ moved there from Coburg House in Halifax. ’93 or so. Nice guy … name escapes me just now. #
  • @MarkDykeman In the style of "All your tweets are belong to me"? ;-) #
  • @biz HiYa – RFE: @shelisrael’s tweet-version > < and my suggestion > < . #
  • @edwardvielmetti I’d extend some witty repartee but since you’re not following me *shrug* ;-P #
  • !Zen – True carnivores don’t obfuscate their motives. "Nice" people give being nice a bad name; rationalization, cant, sophistry … #borg #
  • Mundane ethics: Should we do good if doing so rewards those who are corrupt? > < #oligarchs #matrix #borg #
  • The real villains? When FEMA testing showed high formaldehyde, internal bureaucrats said stop. To limit liability. #borg #oligarchs #matrix #

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