BenTrem tweeted on 2008-03-12

  • So, everything has its day. The gentrification of Buddhism is now an all out assault. Trust yuppies to degrade everything they touch. #
  • @pfanderson Greets! Evedence-based medicine? PLoS at UofA is just blocks away from me here in Edmonton. #
  • @cote Yesterday I discovered that 2 wordpress blogs could share 1 database; I plan on going to town with that. ;-) #
  • @ccmehil I went through a whole cycle of wiki comparison then cut my losses and settled for MediaWiki. Spam’s a pain, but *shrug* . . . #
  • TipJoy … people go to the trouble of tipping, and chip in 10c?! Isn’t like like damning with faint praise? #
  • @ccmehil I’d say MediaWiki is pretty much default; "forums" is a far more interesting set of alternatives e.g. SimpleMachines/SMF #
  • @newmediajim Good to hear all is well. FWIW: yours was the only tweet about that mini-evac. You got a scoop! #
  • I’m not alone thinking PR is 95% schock: "Egad! Has the profession gone batty? What do these people do?" > < #
  • New from SitePoint? "HTML Reference (beta)" > < #
  • I belong to 4 non-trivial Ning groups. 0 of 4 show activity. Evidence that superficial triviality rules? #
  • Breaking: in face of Fallon resign. Bush admin declares it values dissenting views. Also: Navy contracts to install screen-doors on subs. #

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