BenTrem tweeted on 2008-03-16

  • Yesterday, LG’s fridge with "auto-closing doors". Today? Artificially flavoured/coloured water with "anti-oxidants". #borg #matrix #
  • @SamLawrence Yet.another reasons to think OR is the place to be. ;-P (Spent the whole summer ’63 on the coast.) #
  • @hci I think I disagree; the ridiculous is just the product of human experience, while blithe consumerism is pathological. *Fun guy I am!* #
  • Motive … diddle? Fiddle? Fudge? Manipulate? Con? Pimp? Spin? Brag? Boast? Posture? Pretend? WWW/Web2.0 … for what? I forget. #
  • Oh! Motive! I forgot _ronin_ … nice people and "progressives" trigger my gag reflex w/sophistry. I think I’ll get a job with EA. #
  • *ponders* Can it be that folk, dispirited, are no more grossed out by corruption than by mere accidents of fate? That they shrug at cheats? #
  • @sbspalding Your question about corruption: Well worded. And it totally obviated integrity / morality / ethics. Entirely cost/benefit. #
  • Irony: Celine Dion proclaims free love, Dubya proclaims democracy, and yuppies proclaim autonomy. #borg #matrix #oligarchs #

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