BenTrem tweeted on 2008-02-07

  • Clinch it for Obama? Simple: young white men getting off there ass. Prognosis: dire. Yuppies’ kidz think a 1-page newspaper ad is victory. #
  • No, it isn’t just Twitter that flakes out. CNN360 tried live blogging and had it crash to a halt. #
  • More data, same conclusion: Hillaries "older women, white and minorities" will show up. But Obama’s "younger, more educated men"? Sophists. #
  • Schweet … creating an RSS with Yahoo!Pipes using a local OPML > < . . . #
  • Yahoo!Pipes -> NetVibes is the shiet … now collected WP blogs via OPML as well as my LJ friends list! >
  • "A conservative is a person with two perfectly good legs who, however, has never learned how to walk forward." — Franklin D. Roosevelt #
  • @mashable Think Twitter is bad? Start playing with Yahoo!Pipes and NetVibes … it’s endless! #
  • A nice way to end the day … SQL abstraction > < #
  • NewYear’s blurt: I don’t thrive because the way my peers operate is foundationally fascistic; I’m vow-bound not to abet that stuff. HeyHo. #

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