BenTrem tweeted on 2008-02-06

  • Bummer out: Eclipse3.1 no longer loads and runs. It loads, then crashes. No PHP DevTool … no Subersion. Shit outta luck. #
  • When I’m hurt *Eclipse won’t run? I don’t have Eclispe?!! WTF!!* I find some good blog to comment on > < … #
  • @dpn You setting your own schedule day to day most of the week? Sleep when you need sleep; else: code. #
  • Bottom line: the oligarchs will not allow change. And the Dem base doesn’t want change. It’s theatre. Who cries in the end? Not #oligarchs. #
  • @duncanriley Reminds me of a "whitepaper" I downloaded last month. (No names.) Maybe 8 pages long. An executive summary, sorta + brochure #
  • @dpn Collaboration … like being "social"; highly over-rated. *le smurque* Ever tried "peer programming"? I did big tech_docs that way. #
  • Waterboarding: Bush administration finally have their say unambiguously: according to them it is /not/ torture. Buncha psychopaths. #

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