BenTrem tweeted on 2008-02-08

  • @bmn Were you looking for global compensation comparisons? I found something. But since you don’t follow me, I can’t message. So choke. ;-P #
  • Q in a highlevel intel discussion: "Are Al-queda insane?" I re-Qd "What of the greedy and abusive who pray to Christian God?" Hypocrisy. #
  • @bmn "your random ramblings made no sense" Well, since your meaning is so clear I’ll reciprocate the gesture. arse #
  • @bmn I understood perfectly well. You aren’t making sense. And you wrote "cohesive"; what’s glue got to do with it? "Coherent", mate. arse #
  • @fulltimecasual I think of them everytime I write SPAM instead of spam. ;-P #
  • Playing w/Yahoo!Pipes, quite rewarding >… < Style w/JS sucks; the 1/2 assed I got is glitchy. #
  • P2P Foundation’s Raoul Victor’s w/first of a series on P2P and the feudal transition. > < . . . #
  • "A strange new family of algorithms probes the boundary between easy and hard problems" > < . . . #
  • Q: Since Bhuto was thrown forward /before/ the blast-flash … how did the blast kill her? (Wound on right of head could be exit wound.) #

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