BenTrem tweeted on 2008-01-18

  • @michaelSurtees If it’s a comfort: one time working on ham radio gear I got a blog of molten solder on my eyeball. 3 days A-ok; fast heal! #
  • ThinkPiece from Sun: "Web Applications – Spaghetti Code for the 21st Century" (PDF; JUNE07) > < #
  • @pkedrosky "Xyz had a risk committee. It just didn’t function." Is central to my work. But *cough* not in financial affairs. #dysfunction #
  • #psychopathology Dubya doesn’t like owing … being beholdin’. Roves, Cheney, his da’s business pals. No _cojones_/dry drunk. #
  • From @rands "In Repose": "Nerd HandBook" > < #
  • @tariqkrim Would you consider next year going to the WSF instead of WEF? #
  • #citeme: More than plenty "Yaaba Daaba!", not a lotta "Do!" #
  • @marshallk Dropped into a "game" store opened nearby. Not only Avalon Hills board games *whoot!* but 108K comic/books. Mind-bending. #
  • Woa, that’s kinda skeery: I told to fetch my Flickr from "bentrem". But that’s wrong … it’s hfx_ben. But it found my stuff!!?! #
  • Wow, StumbleUpon is truly asleep at the switch; don’t provide a b’marklet (flogging their toolbar) and their link button sucks totally. #

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