BenTrem tweeted on 2008-01-17

  • @technosailor "The nerve" Whaa, no commendation for tactful restraint and under-statement?! ;) #
  • System architecture 101: don’t build brittle. "We are breaking the ‘net" (Antonio Rodriguez) > < #
  • Bias: when I see someone’s blog homepage 36 or 48 or 54 screens high I have to think the person’s not paying attention. Call me a bigot. #
  • Bias: the US Secretary of Defense saying that other countries’ troops in Afghanistan don’t know how to do counter-insurgency. Nincumpoop. #
  • @dpn Sun and the big M … and Oracle lands BEA. #
  • @pureCaffeine Here’s a design idea: replace the wheel with the little tip-button joy-stick like IBM ThinkPads had/have in their keyboard. #
  • @fulltimecasual "… an amazing 80yo" Woa, that’s that whatchmacallit authentic lucidity stuff. Gawd, I thought it was out of stock. #
  • "Quant. change at some point becomes qualitative"; more compete, the list is getting good! < #
  • @technosailor Can folk say you’re a PHP/Twitter sorta guy? You know, love/hate, love/hate … #
  • Terminal lame-ness: select something from FF History 6 days ago. View it. Wait til it’s loaded. Does it appear in History today? No. /crap/ #
  • Load from History; no new record. Copy, new Tab, paste. A new record. "good enough" for 80% of folk 80% the time = /crap/. #
  • @lachlanhardy marshallk pointed to this pipes! series by Justin Kistner > < #
  • Goooooooood morning TwitterVille! #
  • WP user? Doing *head/desk* because of WYSIWYG? I found a fix: > < #
  • @trishussey @elsua I bet they know … but realities are requiring them to battle against down-time as prime mandate. #
  • @trib I had your "Tools for Knowledge Workers" in History but now it’s 404. Re-jigged AcidLabs? #
  • Yet another skier pulls an avalanche down on himself and dies. "What part of C.L.O.S.E.D. don’t folk understand?" #
  • US landmine m’fr buys Canadian "CanadArm" maker. "Mommy, daddy, why does the world suck soooo bad?" #
  • ThinkPiece from Sun: "Web Applications – Spaghetti Code for the 21st Century" (PDF; JUNE07) > < #

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