BenTrem tweeted on 2008-01-16

  • New for me > < This site totally rocks … nice AJAX sidebar c/w tabs … contents … geesch … #
  • Use Bose/Einstein condensate to slow photons … *scratches beard* Yaaa, that might work. But how to take a snapshot? #
  • OMG … even filmed, these lovely (benighted) individuals maintain that their "yogic flying" has them escaping gravity. *hop hop hop hop* #
  • "Cheney’s Law" on PBS Frontline. see it or be yet.another unindicted co-conspirator. #
  • @Mickeleh I hope you get to see this evening’s "Frontline" … "Cheney’s Law" … some good old fashion journalism. #
  • @clothbot Apparently the use a hyper-short laser flash! (No, not kidding! the condensate is destroyed by it, but /after/.) #
  • A1 interview presentation (link-cueing) > < (good contents, too! "Simonyi on Intentional Software) #
  • Twitter glitch: I keep getting "burtonator I’m only giving updates to friends" but then get "KBurton is already on" … can’t unfollow. #
  • Woa! File under "Lovely Buncha Coconuts"; Oracle to acquire BEA > < #
  • File under "Human, All too Human": "Recovering From a Blog Traffic Spike" > < #
  • @hrheingold Sorry I couldn’t be allowed into your email list … apparently I’m not in your social register. #
  • Some days it feels like I’m selling artificially flavored cheese-colored gunk. #
  • Dis-ease located: yesterday 2 separate instances of A-list high-handedness; day before a suit wanting meditation as karmic aneasthetic. #
  • "[FaceBook] seems tone-deaf to user needs." Yaa … and some folk opt to be deaf to their readers. Pot / kettle … #
  • @al3x I gave TwitterTech pride of place on my list of Tweeters’ blogs > < #
  • Review of Strogatz’ "The Emerging Science of Spontaneous Order" > < ( #
  • Web2.0 culture: the kid who’s getting $25K/month from his dating service AdSense can develop what he wants while I suck eggs. #
  • #hermetic "CCK versus Taxonomy for node referencing" > < ( #
  • Fingers on your buzzers (I know you’re all up to this challenge.) What does the acronym "CKC" stand for? #hermetic #silo #arse #
  • "No alpha, no beta, it’s out now" Semantic MediaWiki 1.0 9JAN08> < #

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