BenTrem tweeted on 2008-01-19

  • #housecleaning 2 minutes on Telnet and I’ve got a listing of all my test widgets > < command line rulez! #
  • #1 thing you do notRPTnot want to hear about your airliner: "Engines Did Not Respond to Commands" > " < #
  • I just found a well-known A-list blogger at #5 on one site. I checked out 2 pages (24 posts or so) … what a totaly yawn. #
  • @dsifry … good tutorials and great articles. #
  • Nice blog … good selection of articles … well written … 96 screens high and still counting. #braindamage #
  • re-tweet: @ev "stoked to hear twitter won a crunchie. wish I was there. good work team!" video > < … #
  • Schweet! WinSCP has scripting capabilities. Who knew?! > < #
  • @jeffnolan Maybe Ahnold can float a loan from someone in Qatar or UAE? *sigh* #
  • Ohhh! Fun! > < #
  • Last.FM proves Laurie Anderson right: "Oceans of sound and here and there tiny islands of good music." #
  • @RobinGood Apiary in Nepal … just about chucked it all to do that. #
  • Now /this/ … /this/ is fun: …; I’m likin’it! #
  • @dpn Kinda like raising kidz, owning a house; lots of opportunity to dig deep for reminders of wtf it was such a good idea. cuz it is. ;P #
  • eBook: Lessig’s "Future of Ideas" licensed under Creative Commons and ready for download > < #
  • My first Pipes! *whoot!* "Ace Blogs Feed – alpha": > < Now, why doesn’t NetVibes read it? *whirrking* #
  • Ain’t that typical: I take URLs from my NVibes tabs; I pass them into Pipes!, see the RSS. I plug that feed URL into NV. No joy. *toys!* #
  • @waynesutton Folk are recovering from "the death of deep blogging"? #
  • Watching YoutTube Alex Write (author of "Glut") GoogleTalk "The Web That Wasn’t" > < #
  • #braindamage Playing an hour long YouTube at 08:35 I selected FullScreen. The player proceeded to re-download the whole f’n thing. *toyz!* #
  • #braindamage SuperWebGuru giving a talk to google … can’t figure out how to connect audio … dewd puts the mic by his laptop! *lamerz* #
  • As with Twitter, so with sometimes less is more. > < #
  • @SamLawrence The psychic equiv. here this AM via email; deniable abuse; office politics. Hey, "rank order dynamics" in soc-psych ring bell? #
  • As with Twitter, so with sometimes less is more. > < #

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