BenTrem tweeted on 2012-09-27

  • "Child Poverty and Its Lasting Consequence" > < (Urban Institute) #
  • "What Does "Community Development" Mean to You?" > < cc: @DaveHancockMLA @DonIveson #
  • "Why Good People Can't Get Jobs". HR has gone to "decision management", not "support" i.e. it's all done by machines. See why I tag #borg #
  • WYMEditor "Pure js cross-browser WYSIWYM editor with a focus on the clean separation of content and styling." > < #
  • I /loath/ yuppies. Airport security guard makes honest statement about holes in the system; result? Fired, and blacklisted. No work. #
  • See "personality politics" is litmus test; not loyal to X or Y, but loyal beyond integrity, that's the requirement. Not loyal? You're out. #
  • Ultimately it's not about partisanship. Ultimately it's about toeing the line so as to not jeopardize psychopaths' control and income. #
  • @sparkcbc HiYa – Pls change site layout; sidebar is nice, but seeing teach item as though mini blog post also … is … basic? #
  • 35B tons of CO2/yr. Skeptics think that does nothing because … why? Cuz it's transparent. Think of a ton. 10K tons. 1M tons. //35B// … #
  • Advantage of being ISV: not tied to any approach or platform, get over-view from diff perspectives. Disadvantage: have to parse all views! #

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