BenTrem tweeted on 2012-09-26

  • #NFL – I gotta say, folk in Seattle sure do know how to enjoy their games! #
  • Does this make sense? "You know more than you think you know. Your opinions and biases rest on a whole set of convictions. Your knowledge." #
  • @CFL_Esks – How'bout do reps where receivers can't move hands above shoulders / below hips. #Archery cc: @Dave_CHED #
  • Reality Check – NFL referees are out. NHL players are locked out. LESS REGULATION IS WHAT WE NEED? US citizens don't even understand sports. #
  • Have you noticed that AS THE WEALTHIEST GET WEALTHIER FASTER conservatives are saying that gov't is strangling economy? You're idiots. Fools #
  • Conservative message to the world: carry on fucking things up; we're doing fine, and we've got the money and weapons. China's on side. #
  • NFL was giving bonuses for players who hurt others. American culture? K, that was past. You been watching? Rich pros acting like thugs. USA? #
  • 39yrs I've been watching you lick-spittles rationalize your contempt for anything good and fine. 39. Not 40. 39 yrs. #
  • @kellan And what % of Indymedia, Kellan? I tried for yrs to rescue Alberta's dB. After you left. No luck. Locked away. cc: @MarshallK in reply to kellan #
  • @kellan Snipe. But no "do". "Not all of us agree with your ideas" is your way of saying "Go to hell"? _Gusano._ in reply to kellan #
  • @kellan Ahh, the life of the jet-setter. Fact is I noticed how so many "key" members of Indy were jet setters. p.s. NSA '73, _gusano_. in reply to kellan #
  • @janl JavaScript conference in Europe. Yes indeed, just the sort of thing retail level community activist @kellan would be into. F'n 'ell. in reply to janl #
  • @kellan OMG … "I need your best coping-with-jet-lag tips for the coming week." … pooooooor little rich boy. #SocialPathology in reply to kellan #
  • @kellan's most recent blog post: "The veggie burger, not to mention the ethos and the beer list" … and it's a quote. Just a quote. meh #
  • @harryh @JorgeO "Index card as sharpies" is how we did myth-busting on such as GATT and apartheid, in the 70s. No need for @kellan. in reply to kellan #
  • What do poseur say? " I think the ability to see a problem as easy is a gift/talent to be honed" by @kellan /*D'uhhhhh!*/ #
  • @kellan p.s. look at your "About". That's a person? I see nothing. No, wait: trivia intended to obscure. Of course you block me. Of course. #
  • @janl "just the sort of thing retail level community activist"; wrong language? Oh, wait, you're a @Kellan sort of person. Nothing to say. #
  • @janl Well yes, of course. That, to you, is sufficient tactic. "We are not amused." Neither wit nor integrity. p.s. nothing to be said … #
  • @janl See, we humans don't start with "What are you trying to say?" We humans start with "What are you saying?" You, like Kellan: sophistry. #
  • @ddrrnt Indeed. People are the problem. I bet if we could find a good grant writer we could finance Final Solution. cc: @goonth @LenKendall in reply to ddrrnt #
  • Had a long online chat with a nice young fella last night. Very, very conservative. I noticed: anything shakes his view, taken as threat. #
  • @DaveHancockMLA @doniveson Greets – Seattle's site is now offline, but evidence of participation remains. > < #data in reply to DaveHancockMLA #
  • "Develop/Deploy Across Public & Private Clouds, Step 5: Leverage the Hybrid Cloud " > < (CollabNet) #webinar #
  • The state in deadlock; opposite directions to the same point. #
  • Fascinatin'! "Global Experience Language for the BBC" > < #Design #

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