BenTrem tweeted on 2012-08-11

  • "Hotest summer in US history". Ain't we grateful that global warming is just a fiction by the liberal media? (F'ing right wingers.) #
  • RT @wearehellohuman
    Free @keynotopia mockup templates for prototyping mobile and web apps > < cc: @BMN @MLane #
  • #Esks Matt Dunigan on @CFLonTSN made my favorite point, about HAM D this time: good solid 1 man tackles. Fires everybody up, that does. #
  • @jamiebillingham While studying cog- and social psych I would ask folks who they considered their community. Neighbors in? Only rarely. in reply to jamiebillingham #
  • @jamiebillingham I used "the fella in the corner store" as sort of litmus test. He's usually not on the radar. I think that's significant. in reply to jamiebillingham #
  • @jamiebillingham Oh hey, City of Edmonton has been some jim-dandy consultative work recent. If it's of interest, google for "The Quarters". in reply to jamiebillingham #
  • @cfl_esks Oh-woops, /next-home-game/ hasn't been updated. 0_o in reply to cfl_esks #
  • @cfl_esks I noticed that wasn't there, yaa. But other text showed that it hadn't changed. Thanks. And knock'em dead! in reply to cfl_esks #
  • #Esks – Check out "Next Home Game" page for PDF game day program … impressive little magazine! > < #
  • "Understanding progressive enhancement techniques in web #design quot; > < (TechRepublic) #
  • "A Friendly Debate with a Conservative Colleague About Climate" > < (Berkeley UCLA Law) #
  • I had a truly horrific nightmare last night. That's extrememly rare with me. I wonder if something's up … #
  • OMG … dear @Firefox – It's 2012 and you're still jerking people around regarding Flash? Good lord, get with the program! #
  • "The Sophistication of Simplicity" > < via @SitePointdotcom #
  • Gawd, has $$$ gone to everyone's head?! FF is still PITA with Flash, Twitter screws up DMs, and #WordPress still mangles markup. meh! #
  • #WordPress – Tell me it's helpful for your WYSIWYG to delete new lines between </p><p> … how totally dumb/lame is that. Really. #
  • Well … found something to try, to replace "Must Read These" bookmarks: … yet.another WordPress blog. ;-) #
  • I don't talk with yuppies' kidz; they take what I think/say, appropriate it, refactor slightly, then utter it w/o attribution, as their own. #
  • I've had no Flash in @FireFox for weeks now. Months. It bothers me less, why? Because after 15yrs I'm moving away from it, to Chrome. #

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