BenTrem tweeted on 2012-08-10

  • #YEG Weather – CBC and CTV have different forecast. CBC is tracking major thunder storm moving NE fm Rocky Mtn House. ETA 9:30PM #
  • @CitizenJac :-) Yaa, saw one and made mine. Surprised there aren't more. FWIW Google Plus doesn't support them. Just shows first pic. cheers in reply to CitizenJac #
  • @Twitter @Support – FYI "location" still doesn't show Edmonton, the capital of Alberta. Months I've been saying this … many, many months. #
  • @CFL_Esks – I do "tech docs". The /next-home-game/ page is a brill simple idea. kudos! > < #Esks #
  • Poetics #Olympics2012 server drops between the 2 players in beach volleyball? "Husband and Wife-ing". Crashed bikes w/stuff? A "yard sale". #
  • #YEG – Sat. view of wow storms > < Emerg system has no Alerts > < #
  • #YEG Know what? (I've done some true hi-tech.) Now truly proud of City's communications. see NE to W LRT dev: < hooa! #
  • @cfl_esks Balls. Aim to get the job done!! ;p BTW: fond memories of 70s game versus SK when we had fog. Boys oh boys, nice to have history! in reply to cfl_esks #
  • @CitizenJac Oh, just sayin' … Twitter does that little extra bit while Google … heh "Google does search; Google doesn't do social." :-) in reply to CitizenJac #
  • @CitizenJac a) Yoiks! Haven't Followed you! I'm at 2k so I'll find someone to unFollow. b) whaaat, no blog? no homepage? nuffum at all?! in reply to CitizenJac #
  • @CitizenJac /*bingo*/ Booted yet.another.pundit over to @ITGeek. :-) #
  • @DavidStaplesYEG Hi there! Yoiks, how to follow? I'm stuck at 2K. p.s. I just now lashed up this GIF: < #
  • @kady Hi – You covering "citizen groups' submissions must be limited"? I caught part of Susan Lund story on radio. I need names! :-) #
  • #Neologism – "berbal" … bla-blah, babbling, burbling + verbal. (Get to the f'ing point!!!) #
  • "The Ins and Outs of Native Client" (native C/C++ code to be run in a web browser) > < #
  • @nigelcameron I used to say that mayor of Mexico City was the worst job in the world. Now … cc: @AntDeRosa in reply to nigelcameron #
  • "What’s the Right Team Structure?" by Rand Fishkin > < cc: @marshallk #
  • Of my endless list of reasons to abhor my yuppie cohort; the one that gags me: the don't have normal opinions. They bullshit and know it. #

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