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  • E.g. of yuppie think? "If Kerry had answered the Swift Boats ad he'd have shown leadership and won." Yes. But he didn't. Cuz he's no leader. #
  • 7 variables? ok. But in 4 dimensions? My brain hurts! #WordPress #Contract I'll pay someone to code me 1 big function. cc: @MLane #
  • @DeanLand Isn't that called babbling? I've spent decades investigating discourse. Seems that's too disciplined. CC: @OBX_Harvey @JohnWLewis in reply to DeanLand #
  • I was 7 or 8 it occured to me that the details of our daily lives make us slaves. Drones. 50yrs later? Still convinced: trivial perjury. #
  • What's the daily effect of 150million cynical adults? There: is why we need "karma". "Cause and effect" can't handle the complexity. #borg #
  • I talk about Sarvodaya Shramadana and you ignore me, of course. Because you want to be rich and get laid, and not much more. #borg #
  • @znmeb Gotta luv it … folk making an industry of getting their little turd floating higher than the other shit in this sewer. #borg in reply to znmeb #
  • @AchimMuellers And therefore … oh, wait, no … "Therefore" is surplus to requirement. cc: @dtapscott in reply to AchimMuellers #
  • @DeanLand Context is grist for the mill by which we synthesise meaning. But #salience isn't inevitable. @JohnWLewis @OBX_Harvey @jonhusband in reply to DeanLand #
  • @jonhusband I spent years applying the theories of cognitive ergonomics to things hyper. But market pull is for "fun", no more. @DeanLand in reply to jonhusband #
  • Phelps seconds away … HE DID IT! Another Gold, winning the event 3 Olympics in a row. Historic, really. #
  • @mathewi My theory on "outrage addiction" is that it's like pachinko: one superficial thought after another, ting ting ting. @craignewmark in reply to mathewi #
  • @AchimMuellers Interesting: given choices, you utter the sophistry. Isn't it more interesting to look at the role of pretense? @dtapscott in reply to AchimMuellers #
  • heehee … wicked thought: $250k/year doesn't tempt me to put up with you. In short, your culture is toxic. I'm 58 and healthy. #GoFigure #
  • @TheFix I played handball as a kid. 2 guys in a high-walled box. What's that thing they're doing at #Olympics2012 ! :-) in reply to TheFix #
  • @meyerweb OMG … w/Cosmo and VRML as context: you saying you've been into music too? (Built my 1st synth in '68.) in reply to meyerweb #
  • Imagine this: when you see yourself as bascially worthless there's nothing left but petty appetites … like, for e.g., petty aggression. #
  • heehee Isner just snookered Federer. Pretty f'n sweet! @tennis #Olympics2012 #
  • Oh gee golly shucks imagine that: Federer's serve hand-cuffed his opponent. heh … #
  • Federer plays tennis the way I am with snooker and archery: if I don't //know// it's close, I lose focus. And maybe lose more. #
  • @milosraonic Notice Federer's aces? Not just pasing the ball … hand-cuffing the opponent. //Fully// offensive. :-) namaste, young Sir. #
  • @AchimMuellers I'll say "I don't know" … variant on "Here, have some more rope." in reply to AchimMuellers #
  • @AchimMuellers p.s. "why-ologist"?! /*caff*/ #SideBar < I follow Buddha's advice concerning these questions. in reply to AchimMuellers #
  • @milosraonic Like that. Power it past? /*shrug*/ Brute strength, nae? That's core. But to finesse that. To hand-cuff … to skewer heh :-) #
  • @milosraonic I've been a student of tactic/strategy since a child in the 60s. Bull things through as we must. But … elegance is leverage. in reply to milosraonic #
  • @milosraonic p.s. Fencing. Finesses. Precision. Leverage. The non-linearity of momentum VS angle. heehee Chess even comes to play in sumo! in reply to milosraonic #
  • We never achieve our goals. Aim for good enough? Fail. #Impecability #Zen #BushiDo cc: @MilosRaonic #
  • #Olympics2012 #Tennis is remarkably pleasant. Federer VS Isner. #
  • Context #Olympics2012 #Tennis: Tsonaga and @MilosRaonic set a record for fine and close. 28 V 26? #
  • I don't strive to focus on the bulls-eye. I look for the texture of the paper. Not "the spin" of the ball, but its threads. cc: @MilosRaonic #
  • @joshuafoust Nearly 40yrs ago as a tech_docs geek I focussed on "explainers". I wish someone had cared. HeyHo/stay well cc: @PBSNeedToKnow in reply to joshuafoust #
  • @joshuafoust p.s. You know what Henry K said to Nixon ref: Chile? I do. That's open. It isn't ignorance. It's history. cc: @PBSNeedToKnow in reply to joshuafoust #
  • @politicoroger Context: my "cheeseburger" pic > < in reply to politicoroger #
  • Isner (#1 for aces, with @MilosRaonic #2 giving Federer a hard time! #tennis #Olympics2012 #
  • #Yuppie "30 grants: digital badges and systems that contribute to and account for skills & achievements for 21st century learners" #
  • Ooooooooh, Federer dribbles the ball over the net on match point in tie-break to beat Isner. Helluva match! #tennis #Olympics2012 #
  • @Chanders Those who watch the process of "nerd king" are mindful and aware. "Big data" is a scam, a diversion. #Discourse cc: @kleinmatic in reply to Chanders #
  • How stupid am I, really? I spent years augering through/drilling down into Heidegger's _techne_ while my feckless cohort went for #BigData #
  • @snowded Maybe you only //think// you're thinking "lotus eaters". Maybe you're actually thinking no such thing. in reply to snowded #
  • heh … "Tweaky" … web customization at $25/job. $25 … that's what I get for 35minutes of busking. #
  • What my cohort sells as culture: cope with your asshole boss by taking him to a cheap lunch at Dairy Queen. #MindFuck #
  • Kofi Annan resigns. Yuppie culture finally triggered his gag reflex. #HardRainGonnaFall #
  • GOM Player … video speeds up, video slows down. 2012 and we have crap software. Such a statement on our society as a whole. #

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