BenTrem tweeted on 2012-08-01

  • #YEG Stand by for dramatic weather! #
  • OMG … resistance to pipeline? So fine, disagree. But the idea that oil from tar sands is somehow more dangerous? Freakin' wing-nuts. #
  • Wanna see how brain-damaged body politic is? Texans … who should know oil …think that X oil is more dangerous than Y oil. Insane. #
  • Texans are fighting the pipeline because TransCanada is in business for the money. Honestly: right wingers are literally insane. #
  • In ancient tradition, Ahura (Lord of Wisdom) brought fire and law to Zoroastrian society. Can we order ourselves wisely, and select policy? #
  • @corneredrats (Not sure who I'm talking to here.) Something like this as a dynamically updated Sticky in Barracks? in reply to corneredrats #
  • #Olympics2012 Watching Milos Raonic handle Tsonga very nicely. The guys is fully mature! #tennis #
  • Tsonga and Raonic now playing longest set in Olympic history … 30 games in as yet unsettled 3rd set! #
  • Raonic / Tsonga now playing game 33 of 3rd set! #Olympics2012 #
  • Raonic / Tsonga going into game 40 of 3rd set! #
  • Aaaargh! 45th game of 3rd set between Tsonga and Raonic and TV channel died! No video! yoiks / zounds / gadzooks. Ah, back. And gone again! #
  • Dear Shaw Cable – I don't appreciate this. Watched the 54 games of Raonic/Tsonga til your coverage disappeared. Not ready for prime time? #
  • Raonic/Tsonga now in 48th game of 3rd … Raonic in danger of losing serve and set. #
  • Wow … Tsonga over Raonic. He had 3 match points. Then 2. Then recovered after being out of the play to come back and do it. 48 game set! #
  • Breaking news? Victims of work-place bullying are most often the conscientious. I.e. the few who don't suck up and kiss ass get sand-bagged. #
  • @GlobalEdmonton Q: why does Alberta Emergency use voice synth circa 1986? Tornado is spoken as tore-nuh-dough … it's pathetic. #YEG in reply to GlobalEdmonton #

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