BenTrem tweeted on 2012-07-17

  • Know what? listening to audio of Steve Jobs? same inflection style as Bill Gates. Odd, nae? #
  • David Suzuki is right about ideas resonating in us. Here's one from me. (And peace activism shattered my life.) A-bomb? Do the math. #
  • @jamiebillingham "Means" is a subtle complex. ("Meaning acts as though a strange attractor" is me.) To me it means my cohort sells anything. in reply to jamiebillingham #
  • @mukyo Oh my, that is good! But this appears as Reply to my tweet about Miya. Did her work lead you to that? in reply to mukyo #
  • @mukyo Yes, I guessed that. Hence, "Oh, good!" But because it was In Reply To, I asked. Exploring edges, yes? One never knows! :-) in reply to mukyo #
  • @mukyo BTW I came up with "42 words" as analog to Twitter, for use in my discussion system. <> < in reply to mukyo #
  • @jianghomeshi Fab w/ +Nicholas Carr, Jian. "Diminution of scope" in response to what I tag #AttentionEconomy … trivialization. HeyHo #
  • Think of it this way: once you master 80/20 you can profit from #AttentionEconomy w/o the cross-town traffic that comes from actual effect. #
  • "Why Our Innovators Traffic in Trifles; Are we too obsessed with 'tools of the self'?" > < by Nicholas Carr #borg #
  • @CaroleMacneil No twitter for News? Anyhow: bringing up Frank confounds. That was due to mining, not climate change and increased rain. ^5 #
  • "Obama for America" TV Ad "Romney isn't the solution" > < Oooh, dandy good! #
  • "by far the largest such designation the US Department of Agriculture has ever made" > < #ClimateChange #FoodSecurity #

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