BenTrem tweeted on 2012-07-16

  • #CFL – Yet another missed FG returned for TD … how weird! #
  • Nice line from TSN staff in HAM/TOR game: "Pressure in the front is what causes interceptions". So: get D to inspire O pocket. #Esks #
  • @bawlfbomber Agree totally. Is what I tweeted y'day: Rome wasn't built in a day; perfection comes slowly, and progress is fragile. ^5 #Esks in reply to bawlfbomber #
  • @Ronjfalk First half points were mostly due to D. Second half points were … painfully slow in coming. Gotta get the ground game working. in reply to Ronjfalk #
  • @mukyo The Dogen line was fishing as much as anything. Also muk thing … Muk.po is Chogyam Trungpa's family i.e. Shambhala / Dharmadhatu. in reply to mukyo #
  • @mukyo Oh! My closest friend east cost is mi.ya > < cheers! in reply to mukyo #
  • @ryderjaphy Tashi delek! thanks for the follow –Karma Chöpal p.s. see you in Gplus :-) #
  • @ryderjaphy I'd taken refuge in '79 (Soto Zen) but after a chat with KKR about it at Gampo ('91) I did it again, w/the Dzogchen Ponlop R. in reply to ryderjaphy #
  • Rumor is we're gonna get rain. /*caff caff*/ Get your flashlights and candles ready! #YEG #
  • @CharlesMBlow 2 /good/ pages? Zounds, nothing wrong with that. Oh hey, I just read a Ray Bradbury int'view. < enjoy! in reply to CharlesMBlow #
  • Ohhh nice. Aimee Mann singing my fave song on PBS "Infinity Hall Live". #
  • #YEG Rainfall Warning in effect – "Rain at times heavy ending before morning then cloudy. Amount 20 to 30 mm." > #
  • @nancybaym I find myself wanting to quible with the "waking up" part. Have you read into "imposed powerlessness"? Like lack of confidence. in reply to nancybaym #
  • @ryderjaphy Mangalam! in reply to ryderjaphy #
  • Wow, my cohort really is f*cked. The brother and sister in "Home Alone 3" as psychologically sadistic. And that's cute? CUTE?!! No. Not. #
  • @nancybaym /*blink*/ Can't wake folk who are already awake. And beating on them only worsens lack of realistic self-esteem. /*blink*/ in reply to nancybaym #

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