BenTrem tweeted on 2012-06-27

  • @TheRedElm As in NM. :-) And FWIW I enjoy NFL but CFL's field 1s wider (longer too?) and only 3 downs … for /real/ men. p.s luv goats! in reply to TheRedElm #
  • Friends say "Stay well". Or "Be well" if they think you aren't. Bullies and enemies say "Take care", cuz it's a threat. Or just contempt. #
  • @HuffPostPol – Profiling has always been legal. I, as a student activist, was shot and killed on Hawaii 5-0 … "He got into trouble." #borg in reply to HuffPostPol #
  • @mat_witts Ah, so that's how you used them. I see. in reply to mat_witts #
  • RFE Camus: 1st Q not suicide, but is there a way to counter antagonism. My cohort (yuppies) have resisgned on the Q and opt to go along. #
  • @Poynter What an odd formulation! What next, something about how hospitals think they have a right to live? Important issue. Please rejig. in reply to Poynter #
  • @Only1jmck Ooh! You tied the knot?! good on yuh mate … my best to you and your better half; long years of health and happiness. ^5 in reply to Only1jmck #
  • @Only1jmck I just revisited the Volva race game site. Wow they had major buck for that production. cc: @scuttbutt in reply to Only1jmck #
  • @Persistance I was just thinking "Yes, of course I alienate people. Because most folk are straining to maintain lifestyle that's corrupt." in reply to Persistance #
  • Conspicuous consumption is not symptomatic … obesity and diabetes are not symptomatic … data, data everywhere, but not a thought. #
  • OMG, personal crisis … hair breaks … not just in the brush, but on the pillow too. I must must must by some expensive goop! #borg #
  • Vernacular is how groups identify. Materialistic cynic gives folk cheap thrill. Bullshit spirituality also racks up high scores. Frank? Ick! #
  • @DeanLand – Vectors of corruption in context of generalized inauthenticity / low-grade deceit. Dooms day scenario. cc: @Zee in reply to DeanLand #
  • @DeanLand But some things do change. Tectonic. The blizzard of propaganda/advertising we live in is not nothing. #culture cc: @Zee in reply to DeanLand #
  • Just in general terms: do you trust the market? corporations? Advertising? "Sentiment Analysis Symposium in San Francisco" … chilling. #
  • I can understand why "personal sovereignty" is attractive: it justifies / rationalizes bullying others. Authentic autonomy does not. #

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