BenTrem tweeted on 2012-06-26

  • I figured it out: I'm losing my steel. Closing in on 60 … I could use that as excuse. Yuppies have sucked the will to live outta me. #
  • @Ziggy_Daddy heh … let's open a bistro! Just my sorta food. (Made pea soup y'day … c/w chick peas. No summer heat here yet.) in reply to Ziggy_Daddy #
  • Yaa, buy the 20pc McNuggets, so you can meet the attractive woman by offering to share ersatz food. How pathetically sad. #
  • @the9billion @jjprojects – Exactly the same tweet … without attribution. "Social software"? in reply to jjprojects #
  • @cameronreilly Gadd, month after month I had you entirely confounded with Sean SameFamilyName … no wonder my head was throbbing! :-) in reply to cameronreilly #
  • @adrielhampton Yep. Now, generalizing from that, might we specify the problematic? I say we can … if we dare. That's the 20 in 80/20. in reply to adrielhampton #
  • @aptviator RFE: "problematicize" … in practice, though the term is homely. That's the role of philosophy, not autopoiesis. in reply to aptviator #
  • @TheBuddhaNature Also, and this is documented (I did studies of it in ethology.) inappropriate fear also poisons the body. Blood/brain. in reply to TheBuddhaNature #
  • I really do have a wonderful selection of folk in my Tweet stream. Mangalam everyone! #
  • @NYZCCC I soooo miss Zen. If there were a community here (Edmonton) I'd move in tomorrow. heh, is how I started, in '78! gassho #
  • @NYZCCC p.s. about an hour ago I thought, "Maybe the only thing I can tell folk about is how to die well." heh :-) #
  • Of course people find me irritating. Because I get them to show their true colours. And the culture you share is about common deceit. #
  • @cameronreilly The one I conveyed in my previous. :-) 'nite in reply to cameronreilly #
  • @RinaChong Something not to get? I certainly never contradicted or contended against right intent. Never ever. "Feel good" = more buzz. in reply to RinaChong #
  • @RinaChong Usually when people are greedy they're straining to feel good, to be happy, to avoid suffering. in reply to RinaChong #
  • @RinaChong As for "creating reality", there's 2 ways to take that. 1 is to work with what we find, w/o distortion or deletion. The other … in reply to RinaChong #
  • @mat_witts Sorry m8, lost you. Occlusion is about teeth, and anthropo is about giving critters human aspects. I'm quite lost here! in reply to mat_witts #
  • "Why Be Happy When You Could Be Interesting?" (Slavoj Žižek on @BigThink) > < cc: @RinaChong #AttentionEconomy #
  • @Firefox – Uninstalled #Flash Reinstalled Flash. Rebooted. Restarted. No joy. (WordPress TV) Now, really, what am I to do? #FF14 0 #
  • @TheRedElm BTW was offered travel / room&board around SF. They had a flock of goats for me to tend! Nearly took it. :-) #
  • @TheRedElm And in football refs throw an orange hankie. heh … tough guys. ;p cc: @mosonday @tolstoyabq in reply to TheRedElm #

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