BenTrem tweeted on 2012-06-05

  • Yet again, #Heat makes a run … this time to tie the game with something like 9mins left. C'mon #Celtic#
  • @mat_witts Yes for sure. But "personal sovereignty" is my !favorite code. Empowered? Sure, why not. Sovereign?! C'mon, join the human race. in reply to mat_witts #
  • @mat_witts I call dukha "the suffering of suffering". I don't need compassion for that. Heck, can be selfish and feel that! cc: @NellaLou in reply to mat_witts #
  • After giving Heat the lead for the first time in the night, #Celtics have gotten their shit together. It seems. #
  • @jannarden You know that Klip site is tweeting your activity, yes? just checkin' / not dissin'. :-) in reply to jannarden #
  • Did #Heat just see 3 crappy calls against James in like less than 2 minutes? #NBA #
  • @TheBuddhaNature heh … I don't often see Patrul R. quoted. Tashi Delek! p.s. find Dilgo Khyentse R's "Heart Treasure" … 6 syllables. in reply to TheBuddhaNature #
  • #NBA – OMG, OT. p.s. I'm not saying I liked it, but when Garnet locks James' arm, that can't be just "hand fighting", can it? #
  • @benparr //Yet again// a long run in the last quarter. I think it was like 13 to 2. Or worse. in reply to benparr #
  • @gapingvoid I keep thinking "lead with your chin" as a strategy for fail. in reply to gapingvoid #
  • @eric_kavanagh I recall writing my own profiler. (For C=64 … don't snicker!) Does that sort of thing exist for large / complexy systems? in reply to eric_kavanagh #
  • Drama, anyone? 1:51 left in OT … #Celtics ahead by 1 … James fouls out. #NBA #
  • Dear #Devils – Please see how #Celtics tied things up. cheers #
  • @AaronStrout Weren't that sumthin', though. Enough to make me an #NBA fan, it was. Now then … about the #Devils … #BecauseItsTheCup #
  • Multi-task: Ocean's Eleven on TV. During commercials: Hurt Locker on PC. Answer: only enemy is cheats and bullies. That is all. #
  • @TapouT So tell me, if I was in a gym in, say, Montreal and I wanted the XT DVD, I'd have to wait 2-3 weeks? :-) #
  • @TapouT p.s. one of my favorite clips: #
  • Ja. Hurt Locker. Go figure? No: hooa! #
  • @cameronreilly Fascination with symptoms. see in reply to cameronreilly #
  • @cameronreilly This, 1:30 before "Last episode of Madmen OMFG"? hmmm … maybe … but only maybe. in reply to cameronreilly #
  • @jjprojects Which means it's 6months to infinity. Or tomorrow. Soros knows how to use communicative gesture. in reply to jjprojects #
  • Rangers – So lead the way. Let's move. I got your 6. But FFS don't get us jammed up. hooa –Delta_Dawks #
  • @DavidHolzmer Environment in contradistinction to … what, precisely? Gestalt, nae? (Gestalten? What's plural of monad? heh) in reply to DavidHolzmer #
  • Harper's Tories get to define which watersheds/fisheries to protect, and which civil society groups to muzzle: "in the national interest". #
  • @eric_kavanagh "Real men code assembler"? ;-) But I was thinking at the level of, I dunno, convo anlysis. Or provisioning. (My fave term!) in reply to eric_kavanagh #

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